Nobile®, l’oenologie du bois

The alliance between tradition and innovation for a perfect balance between oak and wine.


Born from an alliance between the cooperage industry and precision oenology, Nobile® is now recognised by professionals throughout the world for the consistent quality of its oak & the heightened wine balance.

In keeping with both tradition and innovation, Nobile® offers practical, innovative solutions for truly expressing your wines.


In close collaboration with stave mills from major forests, Nobile® selects “stave grade” quality oak.

Rigorously selected for their aromatic potential, every batch of wood is subject to a strict traceability procedure. Nobile® is committed to the PEFC program (Pan European Forest Certification) for promoting sustainable forest management and ensuring biodiversity.



Ageing is an essential phase for product manufacturing. Time, water and air play a key role in the development and revelation of the sensory potential in Nobile® profiles.

French oak is dried onsite in the open air for a minimum of 24 months. Maturation is controlled by monitoring the development of oak compounds.

24 months


In order to find the best balance and complexity of oak compounds, Nobile® identifies and quantifies the aromatic molecules naturally present in the oak during the different stages of product manufacture.

Coupled with sensory analysis, the in-house research work carried out on maturation and toasting has allowed us to develop innovative technical solutions that meet market demands.

soft oak


Nobile® has a unique oak processing and toasting plant.

 This innovative production facility is at the cutting edge of technology, and uses specific toasting procedures and programs for developing and creating particular expressions.

 Oak toasting is an extremely delicate operation that releases the natural volatile compounds. The experience and management of the Nobile® team and specific procedures ensure that the profiles created can be reproduced in terms of aroma and tannins.


Nobile® range is subject to rigorous controls in order to meet quality, traceability and reproducibility requirements. The COFRAC certified EXCELL laboratory (ISO 17025) carries out all the analyses on raw materials and finished products,including halophenols, haloanisoles, heavy metals, PAH, volatile compounds, etc.

The production site implements a HACCP approach and is certified PEFC. Foil packaging is specially designed to ensure optimal protection of aromas during product transport and storage.


Oak products used in vinification, in any form (Granulars, Chips, Blocks, Staves and Barrel refresh) can be a highly precise tool for winemakers.

Depending on the origin of the wood, on the level of toasting, and the dosage used, implementation of these products will bring about a modification of the wine’s sensory balance and complexity. Oak usage must be considered according to the characteristics of the wine and the style objectives. Contact time is determined by repeated tastings.

Oak & wine integration

During vinification and maturation, the complexity and expression of Nobile® develop and become more refined until the ultimate oak-wine balance has been achieved.

The compounds in the wood and the wine come together elegantly , producing rich, subtle wines that are appreciated by winemakers and consumers all over the world.