Chips & Granulars

A full range of high-quality products combining tradition, expertise, innovation and research.


  • Creates volume & sweetness.
  • Develops aromatic complexity.
  • Preserves freshness and fruity expression of wines.
  • Reduces the perception of vegetal character.
  • Reduces ageing time (early wine release).

Chips and Granulars

Untoasted oak

Nobile® Fresh Granular 24M


Antioxidant & structure.

Nobile® American Fresh Granular


Fruit & lactones.

Toasted oak

Nobile® Fresh Thermo Treated

Chips & Granulars

Freshness, fruit & structure.

Nobile® Base


Volume & roundness.
Without toasted notes.

Nobile® Cherry Spice


Black fruits & spicy.

Nobile® Sweet

Chips & Granulars

Vanilla & toasted.

Nobile® Sweet Vanilla

Chips & Granulars

Lush vanilla & marshmallow flavours.

Nobile® Intense


Volume & roasted almond.

Nobile® American Blend

Chips & Granulars

Caramel & smoky.

Homogeneous toasting

Toasting program dedicated to reproducing
complex aromatic expression.

Chips & Granulars

Additional information

Sensory analysis

The aromatic and flavour profiles found in the Nobile® range.

The use of extremely delicate heating processes releases volatile compounds from the wood. Our experience and a thorough understanding of this toasting process ensures consistency, reliability and repeatability of the tannins and complex aromatic profiles.

Scalable effects of toasting on quantity and intensity.

All molecules are measured by gas chromatography at EXCELL laboratory.



In order to meet technical constraints in production, Nobile® Granulars & Chips allow for better integration and quick stabilisation of oak compounds.

Small-size Granulars are suitable for alcoholic fermentation (for the duration of the AF). For Chips, the contact time recommended is 6 to 8 weeks including if the Chips are introduced right at the beginning of alcoholic fermentation.



Decision-Making Tool

Use our Decision-Making Tools (DMTs) to determine the blend of Chips and Granulars that corresponds to your target product.



2 to 7 mm (95% >2 mm)


7 to 15 mm

The production process guarantees the uniform size of the products for higher-quality extraction.


White wines

In fermentation

Addition of 1 to 3 g/L of Chips or Granulars after racking.

Application to finished wines

Addition of 0.5 to 3 g/L by direct immersion of Nobile® infusion bags into the tank.

red wines

At vatting

Addition of 1 to 5 g/L of Chips or Granulars progressively during tank filling.

Application to wines after racking

Addition of 1 to 4 g/L by direct immersion of Nobile® infusion bags into the tank.



15 kg bags / bulk or containing two infusion bags of 7.5 kg.


15 kg bags / bulk or containing two infusion bags of 7.5 kg.

Aluminised PET packaging ensures optimum flavour protection.


The use of oak wood chips is subject to regulation. Refer to the legislation.

Depending on the type of alternative used, the dose should be adapted according to the characteristics of the wine to be aged and the target product. The contact time is determined by tasting. Nobile® has a team of specialists in the use of oak in winemaking, available to give customers further advice.